So for the most part, no hobbyists are running DS15’s?  I’m sort of surprised 
that there’s that many still in critical production roles.  Where’s all the VAR 
guys trying to help people migrate?  Haha.

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>>> Anyone out there do Alphas anymore?
> I am working through some new to me VAX/Alphas/QBUS parts from the other
> weekend.
> I also have some new-to-me smaller VAX and an Alpha 3000 or two. Some of
> these need new homes.  I was thinking of hosting a VAX/Alpha workshop at or
> near my house in the Newark, Delaware, USA area next month.  I have plenty
> of machines and parts for anyone interested who'd like to participate.
> More details coming.
> I have VMS and DECUNIX machines running here at my house, and few with
> FQDS's personally I think they're worth preserving.  I have written about
> them here in the past (when I needed help). I am relatively new to the VMS
> world but gaining experience.  I have a smattering of actual work
> experience in VMS back when these were current and from college.
> Bill

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