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>> Anyone out there do Alphas anymore?
> I did a bit of work on Alphas from 1997-2003 but at home I have...
> DEC 4000 AXP - works fine, haven't powered it on in a while.  I have
> to unplug my VAX 8300 to plug the DEC 4000 in - I only have the one
> 30A receptacle in the basement.  It has multiple disks in it - Ultrix
> and OSF/1 boot drives, IIRC.
> DEC Multia Alpha workstation - got it from a friend and haven't played
> with it yet.  Has Red Hat 5.3 on it.  Came with boxed OS.
> DEC PC-form-factor motherboard.  I can't remember the model number,
> but this fits in a standard PC tower case.  Made to run WinNT or UNIX.

AXPpci 33 board with a 21066 processor that I stuffed into an Enlight
tower and fiddled with 15+ years ago.


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