Andrew Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> I would recommend Bugzilla (Randall also mentioned JIRA, but it seems to 
> be a commercial product, and price aside, if we can't review the tracker 
> source code I'm not sure we should trust it with our data).

Jira provide their source code (surprising as that may be).
Jira is provided to open source projects free-of-charge.

Note: I'm just clarifying those two points.  I'm not in favour of any 
particular tracker, just the one that we all agree is the best one for 
the job.  I mention those two as starting points in our search.

I have set up the trial version of Jira on http://bioeng123:8080, for 
those here in the institute.  You could download and setup the trial 
yourself if you can't access that.  Alternatively, look at some well 
known open source projects that use Jira, e.g. JBoss 
( and some others on  There are more, linked from the Jira site.

Michael Dunstan just suggested "Trac" and "Poi" as being worth looking 
at too.

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