Never used IPMI in my life and while I thought it was cool when I heard about it, had no plans to.

Just built a home server (while out of town) using a SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SLM+-F-O

I put an nVidia 405 based video card in it but it may be bad.

When I power it on, I get some beeps but they are different than the no memory beeps (I intentionally powered on w/o memory to hear those) and I think what may be happening is normal boot process but no video simply because the card (bought used) may be bad.

Before I go and try to find a retailer that still carries VGA cables, is there a way via the boards IPMI interface (it has ethernet port just for that) to connect from my CentOS 7 laptop and see if the machine is normally powering on?

I saw some IPMI packages exist for CentOS 7 but I don't know if this is what they are for.

And it seems there are OpenIPMI and freeimpi packages. Are those just different ways of doing same thing or do they serve different purposes?


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