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Okay if it requires DHCP this might be out, I'm currently out of town
watching my brothers (various disabilities) while parents are on much
needed vacation. Don't have easy physical access to the router, would
have to take out stuff in front of it. Was hoping crossover ethernet
would work.

It probably would, but you still need some way to assign an IP address
to the IPMI interface (it probably doesn't have one out of the box).
But from your laptop you can run a DHCP server which would then assign
an IP to the IPMI interface.

The IPMI might self-assign if it can't find a DHCP server, but in my
memory (which might be faulty) it doesn't do this.

If for some reason Java doesn't work from your browser, Supermicro also
distributes a Java GUI tool for interacting with Supermicro IPMI
interfaces.  It also supports a subnet scanner, so you don't need to
know the IP that gets assigned.  Look for IPMIview here:

I bought a VGA capable. I don't yet know if the video card is bad or the board just can't use it, I'll find that out later.

But for now via VGA cable it is all working.

For what's worth, removing both flash and java capabilities from my browser was the second best thing I ever did (privacy badger the best), don't want to re-install either.

Once I'm back home and this server is set up where it goes, I'll try playing with non-browser IPMI tools and see what it is all about.
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