The Red Hat engineers disabled the ffmpeg capability of firefox a couple
releases back due to stability issues.  CentOS also has removed it as
for our main repositories, we build the source code for RHEL with as few
changes for branding/artwork as we can.

That said, we (I :D) want a firefox with ffmpeg support available,
therefore I have created a centosplus version of firefox that has ffmpeg
enabled starting with version 45.4.0-1, released to the repositories a
few minutes ago.  You can get it from the CentOS Plus Repository:

Now that we are maintaining a CentOSPlus Firefox .. if there are other
things people want compiled into Firefox that are configure options and
you are creating/compiling a new firefox, please use the CentOS-Devel
mailing list to discuss this with me and we can try to roll those things
into the CentOS Plus version of Firefox.

Since CentOS-5 is End Of Life in about 6 months, I don't plan to add a
Firefox to CentOS Plus there unless there are many who absolutely need it.

Johnny Hughes

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