I would prefer simple text in tech and security related news but you are right 
- they are HTML formatted. I think it is pure marketing thing. people dump 
other stuff to remind you who they are and for a sort of entertaining us.

The same story is in OS desktop GUI including Linux. I use CentOS 6 and 7 and 
still do not like 7. Not to mention in the morning Win 10 with all its crap 

Mikhail Utin

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This question is not exactly CentOS-related strictly speaking, but here
goes. I'm running a few newsletter servers for myself and a handful of
clients on public CentOS servers with PHPList.

For the last twenty years or so I've followed the basic rule that mails
should have no formatting whatsoever, only simple text. And now I wonder
if that basic rule of netiquette also applies to newsletters.

I'm a subscriber to a series of tech-related newsletters, and I couldn't
help but notice that they all seem to be HTML-formatted, even those from
respectable hardcore geek groups.

So my somewhat naive question: is HTML formatting acceptable in


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