Nicolas Kovacs wrote:

This question is not exactly CentOS-related strictly speaking, but here
goes. I'm running a few newsletter servers for myself and a handful of
clients on public CentOS servers with PHPList.

For the last twenty years or so I've followed the basic rule that mails
should have no formatting whatsoever, only simple text. And now I wonder
if that basic rule of netiquette also applies to newsletters.

I'm a subscriber to a series of tech-related newsletters, and I couldn't
help but notice that they all seem to be HTML-formatted, even those from
respectable hardcore geek groups.

So my somewhat naive question: is HTML formatting acceptable in

Most so-called "newsletters" nowadays are only a collection of URLs and do not
contain any news or any information at all.  That totally defeats the purpose
of a newsletter and makes them entirely useless.

So no, it´s unacceptable.  HTML mail automatically goes into my spam folder
anyway, and I avoid subscribing to so-called "newsletters".
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