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> Robert P. J. Day wrote:

  ... snip ...

> >    oh, i appreciate the need for caution; on the other hand, it
> > always struck me that the training room is the *ideal* place for
> > students to experiment with things they're too nervous or unsure
> > of to try back at the office. this is typically why, when i'm
> > teaching, i save friday afternoon for trying things that are
> > typically not covered by standard courseware.
> >
> >    so as long as one delivers the proper caution, i see no problem
> > with something like, "ok, you might never have to do this at your
> > site, but just in case you ever need to upgrade your kernel, let's
> > try it and see what happens." so if the need ever arises, at least
> > they can say they've done it once and know what the end result is
> > supposed to be.
> The students you need to teach things like this are the ones that
> will never become good admins.

  uh, that's kind of a condescending attitude to take towards students
who simply want to learn. are you this way with everyone?

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