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>> hi nick, I earlier did cpupower frequency-set --cpu-governor performance on 
>> all my hosts, which bumped all CPUs up to almost max
>> speed or more.
> Did you also set /check the c-states, this can have a large impact as well?

hi nick, yes I tried  intel_idle.max_cstate=0 today, and there weren't
any difference, my performance has got terrible now too.. I'm not sure
why. Something else seem to be the problem as my performance with all
ceph hosts rebooted is terrible, it has dropped to 500-1000IOPs for
the 4k blocks, sync, direct, and the latency has also gone crazy high
to around 100ms. Something is wrong causing these latencies, and I'm
not sure why this happens.

Is there any bios setting on dell PE 730xd you can think of that would
improve latency and performance, there may be some relevant
performance parameters. thx will
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