Something seems to have happened to the rbd I was writing to. Earlier
my instances had /dev/vdb attached, and I ran my fio tests against it.
After a while the performance got terrible, I'm not sure why this
happened. However, I have deleted and recreated the block to the
instance and the IOPS got recovered.

I wanted to test with the intel_idle.max_cstate=0 but got misled by
the rbd being terribly slow, so I thought the parameter you suggested
caused the slowness, maybe something else caused this. I will try
ntel_idle.max_cstate=0 again with a fresh block device to rule out any
cause due to the additional kernel parameter. thx will

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>>> hi nick, I earlier did cpupower frequency-set --cpu-governor performance on 
>>> all my hosts, which bumped all CPUs up to almost max
>>> speed or more.
>> Did you also set /check the c-states, this can have a large impact as well?
> hi nick, yes I tried  intel_idle.max_cstate=0 today, and there weren't
> any difference, my performance has got terrible now too.. I'm not sure
> why. Something else seem to be the problem as my performance with all
> ceph hosts rebooted is terrible, it has dropped to 500-1000IOPs for
> the 4k blocks, sync, direct, and the latency has also gone crazy high
> to around 100ms. Something is wrong causing these latencies, and I'm
> not sure why this happens.
> Is there any bios setting on dell PE 730xd you can think of that would
> improve latency and performance, there may be some relevant
> performance parameters. thx will
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