There is a good chance that Hal Helms will be in town and available to speak on the 
evening of Wednesday, September 24 (next week).  I am trying to coordinate a meeting 
location that will work for him and the group, but the large rooms at UMKC are booked 
until 7:15pm.

If you are interested and able to come on Wednesday, please let me know today or early 
Tuesday so that I can have an idea on participation.

1) Smaller room at UMKC with max 15 or so occupancy, but earlier meeting time (6 or 
6:30 probably)
2) Large room, but meeting at 7:30ish
3) Overland Park/Centriq - may not be available, or too far for Hal to drive
4) Other locations if someone volunteers meeting space in mid-town in the next 24 
hours.  Capacity of 15+, projector, internet access desired but not required.

Please let me know ASAP if this interests you.  If only a few people are interested we 
will probably go with option #1 above.


----Meeting/presentation topics----

Not yet finalized, but Hal Helms has been a primary figure in the writing of Fusebox 
and Mach-II coding methodologies for ColdFusion, has written a number of books on 
Fusebox and CFCs, and trains in Fusebox, ColdFusion, Java, and Object Oriented coding. for more information

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