I would think this would be the case only if you wanted to use Word objects.
As for creating a Word Doc File, I've seen references for the binary format
for it.  You could always try it that way.... but I wouldn't recommend it.

What if you were to simply create an HTML file, rename it as a .DOC file?  I
doubt that would give you the full functionality you are looking for though.

Shawn Grover

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Microsoft Word works as an automation server when installed so that other
processes can interact with it.  So, you need to have Word
installed on the server...


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Subject: word without word on the server

> Hi Folks,
> I don't think this is possible, but I wanted to double check.
> Is it possible to write a word document "on the fly" that includes images,
> or more precisely, headers and footers? I can write the text (body) parts
> it without a problem, and even get all the stupid mso-styles to work
> appropriately. But, when it comes to embedding images, I'm at a loss.
> By the way, we do not have word installed on the server, and we're not
> running IIS.
> -Deanna
> Deanna Schneider
> Interactive Media Developer

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