I've done as Howie describes, but I would always "reverse engineer" it.  I'd
start with a Word Doc, "Save as" RTF, then analyze the heck out of the
resulting file.  Use the spec to help read and adapt.

Now your server code writes the RTF (which is all ascii) code to a file,
names it something.rtf and you're set.

(I used to do this to produce word docs from HyperCard ... Guess that ages
me, doesn't it ;-)

Good luck!


On 5/30/02 1:53 PM, "Howie Hamlin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The format for RTF files is a published spec so you can theoretically write
> software that conforms to the spec (I've done it so I
> know it is very possible).
> You can find the spec on www.wotsit.org
> Regards,
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>> I think it's possible to do this in .RTF files that can be opened up in
>> word, but ... without having access to some windows library, I don't think
>> it's possible (might want to look around on the CFDEVEX or CFX galleries?)
>> ~Todd

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