OK, I've done a little digging and this works in CFMX 6 and 7:

<CFQUERY NAME="demoq" DATASOURCE="cfdocexamples">
        select * from employees
        where lastname = <cfqueryparam value="smith"

<cfdump var="#demoq#">

<cfset factory = createobject("java", "coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory")>
<cfset debug = factory.DebuggingService.getDebugger().getData()>

<cfquery dbtype="query" name="getqueries">
        select * from debug
        where template = '#cgi.cf_template_path#' and type='SqlQuery'

<cfoutput query="getqueries">
        Query name: #name#<br>
        SQL statement: #body#<br>
        <cfdump var="#getqueries.attributes#"><!--- this is an array--->

<!--- <cfdump var="#debug#"> --->

Note that if you wanted to get just one particular query on a page, you
could add a WHERE clause for name='yourqueryname' in the Q of Q.


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Hi Charlie,

Using CF MX 6.1. 


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