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> I'm wondering if we can remove the binary requirement all together: is it 
> possible to run a small program that would return EXIT_SUCCESS if the library 
> is the correct version?

Hi @mikhail.ramalho, I don't think this is feasible unfortunately. If we're 
using a cross-compiler the emitted binary won't be native to the platform. In 
other words, you cannot test for Z3 as a run-time property.

I looked at the Z3 source and they do have a `z3_version.h` file now and was 
added in version You may be able to use the header directly, but I'm 
not sure how `find_package()` parses for library versions and if this is useful 
or not.  The generated header is named `src/util/version.h` in this initial 

and was renamed last September to `src/util/z3_version.h` in this commit:

  rC Clang


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