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> Hi @brzycki, but isn't it exactly what we want? I mean, if we try to 
> cross-compile and it fails for any reason (non-native library, wrong 
> version), then Z3_FOUND shouldn't be set.

I'm not sure, cross-compilation is tricky to get right.

> I just finished a small patch that checks the version as a run-time property. 
> Please, let me know your thoughts.
>  If you agree with this approach I'll create a separate revision for it (it 
> seems to work on ubuntu and fedora for me).

I'd be interested in seeing it and I'll happily provide feedback. I'm not sure 
if this method is better or worse than regex parsing of headers that @ddcc 

No matter what algorithm chosen I'd strongly prefer the case when we are unable 
to ascertain the correct `Z3_VERSION_STRING` we should conservatively set this 
to `"0.0.0"` with a warning to inform the users early on something is strange 
with the version of Z3 being tested.

  rC Clang


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