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> In D54978#1397316 <>, @mikhail.ramalho 
> wrote:
> > I just sent the first prototype of the solution. All the magic happens 
> > inside the `CHECK_CXX_SOURCE_RUNS` call.
> I think hardcoding the version into the binary is too brittle. Instead, your 
> program can just print out the current z3 version (much like the current 
> execution of the z3 binary), and the remaining logic can remain in CMake, 
> with the fallbacks as suggested above by @brzycki.

I don't think there is a mechanism to do so easily within CMake. The 
`CHECK_CXX_SOURCE_RUNS` call only returns a boolean answer, not stdout. You 
have to use the underlying `try_run()` command along with `RUN_OUTPUT_VARIABLE` 
to obtain a given version. This interface seems less simple than the 
`CHECK_CXX_*` macros.


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