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-// RUN: %check_clang_tidy -std=c++98 %s modernize-use-nullptr %t -- -- 
alexfh wrote:
> gribozavr2 wrote:
> > njames93 wrote:
> > > alexfh wrote:
> > > > IIRC, some of the modernize- checks were meant to be useful to make the 
> > > > pre-C++11 code compile in C++11. This check is an example of this 
> > > > (maybe the only one?). Limiting the check to C++11 and deleting this 
> > > > test is a bit too radical.
> > > I'm lost, this check is all about replacing assignment of pointer to 0 
> > > with `nullptr` a keyword which doesn't exist pre c++11, so this test case 
> > > will just result in invalid code. Or am I missing the point?
> > The idea, if I understand correctly, is that you start with C++98 code, 
> > apply modernize-* checks, and get C++11 code.
> Yep, at least for this particular check there are cases, which won't compile 
> in C++11, but will compile after its fixes are applied. Not sure if this was 
> ever used like this though.
My understanding of the modernize module was its designed to convert the old 
c++98/03 code to use newer (safer) c++ constructs. Its purpose isn't to fix 
compiler errors in c++11 mode that compile OK in c++98 mode

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