ahatanak added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp:8084
@@ +8083,3 @@
+      *RHSExpr = ImpCastExprToType(RHSExpr->get(), LHSType, CK_BitCast);
+      return LHSType;
+    }
My understanding is that, when we have a compound assign like "LHS += RHS", 
this function (CheckVectorOperands) is supposed to return the result type (LHS 
+ RHS). However, it is returning different types for "<1 x T> += T"  and "T += 
<1 x T>" (the former returns <1 x T> and the latter returns T). Would 
CheckAssignmentOperands reject the compound statement if you returned the 
vector type here?

Also, are you planning to allow the same kind of conversions done above for 
non-compound assignment statements (e.g., <4 x short> += <2 x int>) in the 


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