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Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp:8084
@@ +8083,3 @@
+      *RHSExpr = ImpCastExprToType(RHSExpr->get(), LHSType, CK_BitCast);
+      return LHSType;
+    }
ahatanak wrote:
> My understanding is that, when we have a compound assign like "LHS += RHS", 
> this function (CheckVectorOperands) is supposed to return the result type 
> (LHS + RHS). However, it is returning different types for "<1 x T> += T"  and 
> "T += <1 x T>" (the former returns <1 x T> and the latter returns T). Would 
> CheckAssignmentOperands reject the compound statement if you returned the 
> vector type here?
> Also, are you planning to allow the same kind of conversions done above for 
> non-compound assignment statements (e.g., <4 x short> += <2 x int>) in the 
> future?
1) CheckAssignmentOperands doesn't reject the compound statement if we return 
the vector type instead, because it already supports vector to scalar cast 
idiom. It makes more sense to return a vector indeed, gonna change that.

2) It would be nice to catch up with GCC with the idioms supported for regular 
(non-ext) vectors (like splatting scalar operands to vectors in a arith 
binops), and those, AFAIK, don't include support for truncation as in the 
example you suggested. I guess this is supported with ext-vectors, but I don't 
see any reason to support it for "regular" vectors.

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