ahatanak added a comment.

Thanks Bruno. I have a couple more questions.

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp:8090
@@ +8089,3 @@
+      *RHSExpr = ImpCastExprToType(RHSExpr->get(), LHSType, CK_BitCast);
+      return VecType;
+    }
Sorry I wasn't clear, but I was asking whether you were planning to  allow the 
following conversions for compound statements.

typedef short s4 __attribute__ ((vector_size(8)));
typedef int i2 __attribute__ ((vector_size(8)));
s4 a;
i2 b;
a = a + b; // clang accepts this.
a += b; // currently clang rejects this.

Also, I feel clang is inconsistent in warning about incompatible types. In the 
following example, it issues a warning for the first line, but is silent about 
the second line:

a = b + a; // incompatible vector types warning
a = a + b; // no warning

I don't think we have to fix everything in this patch, but just wanted to know 
what your thoughts were.


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