fhahn accepted this revision.
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Thanks for updating it to use the stuff from TargetParser.

LGTM, with tests for the cases @joerg mentiond.

Comment at: lib/Basic/Targets/ARM.cpp:345
   // get default FPU features
+  llvm::ARM::ArchKind Arch = llvm::ARM::parseArch(getTriple().getArchName());
   unsigned FPUKind = llvm::ARM::getDefaultFPU(CPU, Arch);
efriedma wrote:
> fhahn wrote:
> > Is there a reason we re-compute the Arch from the triple here, but use the 
> > member variable ArchKind above? Shouldn't they both be the same ?
> ArchKind is based on the triple and the CPU, where "Arch" is just based on 
> the triple, so "Arch" was returning the wrong thing in some cases.
> Actually, looking a bit more, we should probably be calling parseCPUArch here 
> to get the right behavior, rather than depending on the member.  (It doesn't 
> usually matter, but it could make a difference for code using "target" 
> attribute, I guess.  That feature needs a lot more work, though.)
Thanks that makes sense. getDefaultFPU and getDefaultExtensions are only for 
"generic" FPUs.

  rC Clang


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