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I have noticed two things when attempting to release LLVM with this revision 
internally at Google:

1. It's catching real bugs, all in constructors where someone wrote "member_ = 
member_" when they meant "member_ = member".

2. It's catching at least as many cases of tests where people are intentionally 
testing that self-assignment doesn't corrupt the data values.

Thus, this seems valuable but problematic, and the problems mean that initially 
we're facing turning off -Wself-assign completely until this is resolved.  
That's definitely an issue, and at least means that this needs to be placed 
under its own -W option.  And the real bugs it's finding seem to be very 
specific, and could be found by a more-focused warning.

Further, I would note that most warnings of this sort have some canonical way 
of arranging the code to avoid the warning -- for instance, casting an unused 
variable to "void" to create a no-op expression and thereby avoid the "unused 
variable" warning.  This warning doesn't seem to have one; "var = (var)", for 
instance, should IMO turn it off but doesn't.

(To add to that, we have a source file that does a lot of "var = var" to 
silence unused-variable warnings, so this breaks that on top of not having its 
own source "workaround".  Ick.)

  rC Clang

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