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> There are several options:
> 1. @rjmccall's idea: `-wtest` (lowercase), which in this case will disable 
> that new code in `BuildOverloadedBinOp()`. i quite like it actually.
> 2. split it up like i had in the first revision - ``-Wself-assign-builtin``, 
> ``-Wself-assign-field-builtin``; ``-Wself-assign-overloaded``, 
> ``-Wself-assign-field-overloaded``
>   - we could just assume that `BuildOverloadedBinOp()` implies overloaded,
>   - or check that the particular operator is non-trivial
> 3. ???
>   @rjmccall, @thakis, @dblaikie, @aaron.ballman, @brooksmoses, @chandlerc
>   I'm going to go ahead and look into `1.`, since it does not seem there will 
> be any consensus in a timely manner.

... and here it is https://reviews.llvm.org/D45685, please take a look

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