>>>>> "LD" == LD  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

LD> Hi there,
LD> If I have the following as part of a template definition (in a file):
LD>     [% self.CGI.h1(self.reflect.package) %]

LD> ...it returns the proper name as expected. If I however do:
LD>     sub someTemplate { \ <<'EOT'; }
LD>     [% self.CGI.header %]
LD>     [% self.CGI.h1(self.reflect.package) %]
LD>     EOT

LD> ...I instead get something like: PKG0x958d0c

Well, that's probably the actual package name of that lightweight

Here's what I did for a client recently.  In App.pm, I added

    sub title {
      my $self = shift;

      local $_ = $self->shortname;
      tr/_/ /;
      return "Initech Corporation Conference Registration: $_";

And in my WRAPPER.tt, I have:

    [% self.CGI.start_html("-title", self.title) %]

This defines the default titlebar related to the state name.
And yet, any specific state can provide

        sub title { "Acquiring Remote Latinum" }

to override that.

"This (and other) tips will be found in the forthcoming
CGI::Prototype::Cookbook, coming soon to a CPAN near you.  Offer void
where prohibited."


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