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On 03/05/2005, at 9:28 PM, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

LD>  sub someTemplate { \ <<'EOT'; }
LD>  [% self.CGI.header %]
LD>  [% self.CGI.h1(self.reflect.package) %]
LD> ...I <..> get something like: PKG0x958d0c

Well, that's probably the actual package name of that lightweight

Possibly - but its real name (e.g., "Main") is properly spat out when such a definition is within a template file; but not with the above. Perhaps it needs detainting to work...

      local $_ = $self->shortname;
      tr/_/ /;
tr/::/ /;

Ahh, yep - that works. Cheers.

"This (and other) tips will be found in the forthcoming
CGI::Prototype::Cookbook, coming soon to a CPAN near you.  Offer void
where prohibited."

No doubt it'll be a useful resource...

with regards,


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