* Terrence Brannon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005-08-03 20:15]:
> If you put it on CPAN and it is based on hidden, then perhaps
> it should be CGI::Prototype::Hidden::PathInfo?
> I never could figure out Hidden, I use the vanilla
> CGI::Prototype for everything. 

Hmm, I found it extremely straightforward. Just read the code, in
the worst case, and you’ll understand how it works. It’s just a
minor collection of shortcuts that saves you from setting up the
same scaffolding over and over.

In any case, ::Hidden::PathInfo is not the right name. I don’t
inherit from ::Hidden and the code has nothing to do with any
state parameter.

I just don’t want to step on Randalls’s toes in case he’s already
done this – but I also have very specific ideas about how to do
this and a CPAN directory longing for something to put in it. :-)

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