(Randal L. Schwartz) writes:

>>>>>> "A" == A Pagaltzis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> A> Now my question is: should I put this on CPAN, or should I leave
> A> the space to an “official” version? Or should I just post it
> A> here, maybe? If I put this on CPAN myself, what should I put in
> A> the AUTHOR and COPYRIGHT & LICENSE sections of the POD? There is
> A> so little code in there that the notion of authorship is a bit
> A> ridiculous either way, but I also copied several pages of POD
> A> that I can hardly claim authorship of.
> Well, if we create the SF archive, this can stay one or two distros.
> I'd actually like to see separate distros like:

I have added Aristotle ( id: apag) as a developer with plenty of
liberal admin rights to the whole project - let me know if you need
more. I couldn't find Randal Schwartz in the user list and
someone has the name merlyn already.

Right now, it looks like Aristotle needs the privs more than Randal,
but as soon as I get his name, I will heap on lots of privs for him as

Yes, as soon as this PathInfo baby gets uploaded, I can de-Mason-ize a
site of mine with the greatest of ease :)

        Carter's Compass: I know I'm on the right track when,
           by deleting something, I'm adding functionality.

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