"A. Pagaltzis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> * Terrence Brannon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005-08-07 23:30]:
>> I have added Aristotle (sf.net id: apag) as a developer with
>> plenty of liberal admin rights to the whole project – let me
>> know if you need more.
> Okay, I’ve gone in and put up a plain homepage 

Plain nothing! That's a very nice page. I use CGIP without Template
Toolkit, so I dont like that part of the description.

> cribbed together from the Randall’s and your POD, and corrected
> the project description (CGIP is not a template system and it does
> not use a database).

OMG. I hope I didnt write something that off-base.

        Carter's Compass: I know I'm on the right track when,
           by deleting something, I'm adding functionality.

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