Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on *Tuesday 1/9/2018* in *EEB

*Who: *Trevor Perrier (UW CSE) and Dr. Keshet Ronen (UW DGH)
*What:* *Mobile solutions for women, adolescent and children's health in
*When:* Tuesday Jan 9th at 12-1pm
*Where: EEB 003*

*Abstract:* Since 2012, researchers at UW Department of Global Health, UW
CSE and the University of Nairobi have been exploring mHealth solutions
that engage Kenyan women to support their healthcare. In this talk, we
present a history and overview of our suite of collaborative projects,
referred to as Mobile WACh (Mobile solutions for women, adolescent and
children's health). We present projects that employ our custom-built
bidirectional SMS system* to support women's maternal child health,
adherence to HIV treatment in pregnancy and family planning
decision-making. We discuss future directions and new studies exploring the
use of group messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

*Trevor** Perrier* is a PhD student in CSE working on connecting end users
to domain experts in Kenya. He was been working with the UW Department of
Global Health on the Mobile WACh suite of projects as the primary
developer. Prior to joining UW, Trevor was a Peace Corps volunteer in South
Africa and Liberia, where he first gained a deep understanding of the
prevalence and potential impact of mobile technology.

*Keshet** Ronen*, PhD, is a research scientist in the UW Department of
Global Health. Her research interests include HIV prevention and treatment
in women, adolescents and underserved populations, and the integration of
biomedical and systemic interventions to achieve health equity. Since 2015,
she has been working with the Mobile WACh team on developing and evaluating
mobile health (mHealth) interventions to support HIV care in Kenya.
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