With all the conversations about Sir Winston and his interest in butterfly's I 
thought I would share the following National Trust video from Chartwell.




Thanks for allowing me to share this.









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As promised, I have been in touch with the House Team at Chartwell and they 
confirm that there is little relating to butterflies (aside from the Butterfly 
House in the garden that I omitted to mention) either on display or in the 
archives in the House itself at Chartwell.


This is the response I received..


"Sadly we have very little in the collection that relates to butterflies, there 
is a small identification book on his desk and a photographic image of a 
butterfly in store but other than that I have not seen any other pieces.

I fear it may have been a bit of artistic licence on the part of the film crew, 
but there is still occasional talk about his collection but no one has ever 
pinned it down to a location (forgive the phrase!)."


I trust this information is of interest. If anyone would like more information 
about the history of the Butterfly House I can provide this, either to the 
Group or PM.



David Riddle

Chartwell Volunteer Room & Garden Steward

e-Mail: dpreey...@gmail.com



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