I am looking at opensolaris with ZFS and CIFS shares as an option for large 
scale production use with Active Directory.

I have successfully joined the opensolaris CIFS server to our Windows AD test 
domain and created an SMB share that the Windows server 2003 can see. I have 
also created test users on the Windows Server, specifying the profile and home 
directory path to the SMB share on the opensolaris server. This creates a home 
directory with relevant ACL's on ZFS on the fly. All appears to work fine.
I could then in theory apply quotas on opensolaris if needed with the rich easy 
to use ZFS commands, and even tweak ACLS with /usr/bin/chmod.

In theory I could batch user creation on the Windows server, all homedirs would 
be on ZFS and the world would be a better place.

This is all using the ephemeral user model on opensolaris, so only the SIDs are 
stored permanently on opensolaris, the uids and username 'just passing through 
in memory', the ACLs importantly remaining associated to the SIDS (this is my 
experience with ACLs but I am unsure how stable the permanency of ACLs are 
considering the appear to be associated with temporoay uids in opensolaris if 
you interrogate with /usr/bin/ls -V  ?)

The scale is around 60,000 users all with home directories and a total of 40 
million files, soon to be increasing. Around 600 concurrent users.

This is where I stop to think....is opensolaris and CIFS designed to be robust 
enough for use like this in production?

There are several opensolaris  bug reports I have noted with CIFS like for 
example you cannot unmount a share because  'device busy' (bug id 6819639).

This make me worry about how robust it really is.

I would dearly love to have a ZFS fileserver for my Windows users, especially 
as NTFS is not as scalable and flexible and frankly as nice.

I have been put off Solaris (10) and SAMBA because the config looks complex and 
you appear to need identity on the Solaris server, which would be a major 
headache with 60,000 users. Opensolaris and CIFS solves this issue immediately 
with idmap and ephemeral users.

What are peoples thought on the viability of opensolaris in production?
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