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I created my own quick and dirty concurrent connection pressure test which is 
not very scientific, but importantly I could still access resources fine on the 
opensolaris server from Windows with CIFS while the test was running.

The test was run from both Mac OS10.5 and SLES 10 SP2 both connecting to single 
CIFS shared zfs filesystem on opensolaris 2009/06 containing users home 

I created a bash script to mount a total of 600 opensolaris home directories 
with 600 users onto 600 mount points on the clients.So I then had 600 
concurrent CIFS connections as viewed from netstat on opensolaris.

I spawned off simultaneous instances of fdtree -  which is 'software (a 
bash script) is used for testing the metadata performance of a file system' and 
therefore created load. In total there were 300 fdtree actions creating complex 
directory and file structures in each CIFS share mount point.

My opensolaris server is just a VM running in ESX server, allocated 1 CPU and 

As I say, it is not hugely deterministic, but it goes some way to giving me the 
confidence that CIFS on solaris can handle some anger.
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