I'm having an issue with CIFS not allowing connection from my windows-machines.

I'm getting the following from my 'dmesg' when trying to connect from my 
#SmbLogon[COMPUTER\Administrator]: NO_SUCH_USER

- smb/server is up and running.
- The zfs shares is configured 
- Pam_smb_passwd added to pam.conf (ran 'passwd' on users afterwards)
- Ran a cifs-chkcfg, which didn't yield any output (seems like everything is ok)

I'm using ACL extensively on the server, which works seamlessly with my 
linux-machines. My current solution is sharing the NFS-mounted shares from a 
linux-machine. Now what we really need is nfs-clients on windows....

#smbadm list

Since I'm running in workgroup-mode, and ACLs for file access; do I need to 
configure any sort of mapping to allow the clients to access the server?

Thanks :)
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