As I've mentioned in my previous email you need to upgrade your system
before we can pursue your problem since as I've mentioned the build
you're running is quite bogus as far as SMB server is concerned.


On 04/15/10 04:28 PM, CD wrote:
Hello again.

With the previous version i used (early 2008 version), everything worked 
perfectly. It did so for almost a year, with no errors or problems whatsoever 
with CIFS.

I've configured the system with groups, users and corresponding ACLs -- which 
works brilliantly with NFS.

When I try to log onto the server via my WinXP-machines, I get no dialog or 
anything. It looks at my client's hostname/username and denies entry based on 
that. Why does it do that?

This seems odd and buggy, since I've gotten the login-dialog from the server 
several times. The problem is that if I reboot the client or try to login from 
another, it didn't work. I rebooted the server and it would let me log in a 
single time again. Later that week, it stopped working alltogether...
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