You are running a very old build which has some serious issues
as far as SMB service is concerned. So, you need to upgrade to
the latest available development release, otherwise you would
run into other issues like SMB service hanging.

Second, if you don't have a local Administrator user on your
Solaris box, why are you surprised by NO_SUCH_USER error? How
do you expect the server should authenticate your connection?

Even on Windows in workgroup mode you need to have local users
on the Windows system in order to authenticate the connections
unless you're using the Guest account.

So, in workgroup mode you need to have local users in Solaris
in /etc/passwd and then use smbpasswd to create SMB password
for those users which are stored in /var/smb/smbpasswd, this
includes Administrator (with captical A since Solaris user
names are case-sensitive)


On 04/15/10 01:53 PM, CD wrote:
Thanks for replying.

Usually, you get a pop-up, asking for username and password when accessing a 
share on windows. This does not happen. What I get, is a time-out msg in 
windows, and the smbLogon-msg on my server.

Why is the server denying access based on hostname/username, and not prompting 
me with a login-box, as it should?
When I read the cifs admin-guide, the stuff about adding groups and members 
with 'smbadm' seemed to be related to running in domain-mode, which I'm not.

I'm running the 2009.06-release.
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