Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
On 6-5-2010 8:14, Ryan John wrote:
Hi Dick,

I'm not a developer, just a user, but I had the same problem.
The following recipe worked for me, and I hope it helps.
I'm just cutting/paste from my wiki.

Create the share:
~# zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed -o nbmand=on pool/tank
~# zfs set aclmode=passthrough pool/tank              # These 2
parameters are needed if you are
~# zfs set aclinherit=passthrough pool/tank           # also going to
share files with NFSv3
~# zfs set sharesmb=on pool/tank
~# zfs set sharesmb=name=tank pool/tank

Change the ACLs:
~# cd /pool/tank
~# chmod A=everyone@:r-----a-R-c--s:-------:allow . # needed for nfs3
mount by root
~# chmod A+group@:rwxp----------:fd-----:allow .
~# chmod A+owner@: rwxp---A-W-Co-:fd-----:allow .
~# chmod A+group:some_group:rwxpd-aARWc--s:fd:allow .
~# chmod A+group:admin_group:rwxpdDaARWcCos:fd:allow .

The first 3 lines will make the trivial ACLs look like (drwxrwxr--)

Thanks for the explanation. It's very clear. One thing thouhg: the zfs shares do already exist. Do I have to recreate them or can I just add the options "casesensitivity, nbmand,aclmode,aclinherit" to the existing zfs datasets?

If you want to change casesensitivity, you will need to recreate
the dataset: it can only be set on dataset creation and 'mixed'
is almost always the right choice when sharing files between
Windows and UNIX environments.  IIRC, the others can be set as
required on an existing dataset  The zfs man page has more details.

If you can update to the most recent snv dev build, you should get
a set of improvements in this area.


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