> I'm using snv_b134 and when I enter
> $ mount -F smbfs "//WORKGROUP;usern...@hostname/share" /mnt/subdir/
> I get:
> mount: //HOSTNAME/share: tree connect failed: syserr = Not enough
> space
> what's wrong? How do I fix/overcome this issue?

The message "tree connect failed" generally means the
server refused your request to "map" the share.  That
usually implies some kind of authorization problem,
i.e. you ended up with a "guest" login and the share
permissions don't allow connection by guest, etc.

You could look at the server side with the MMC when
you're connected to see what identity you have there.
Also look at the share permissions.

If that doesn't turn up anything obvious, the next step
would be to get a network trace and look at the details
of the session setup and tree connect operations.

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