On Wed, Jun  2 at 13:22, Robin Axelsson wrote:
The shares I wish to mount in OSOL are on a Windows XP-x64 computer, they are configured to allow other users on the network to access them without any particular authentication. I cannot find any information on specific permissions for the shared folders I'm trying to access, I don't know how this is done on a Windows system, there is no such information in the "Computer Management" tool (compmgmt.msc). However, the shares I fail to mount in OSOL can be mounted without problems on other windows based computers.

I don't know how to commence a network trace in OSOL for troubleshooting this kind of issue, perhaps you could guide me.

I'd install wireshark on the XP-x64 machine, it'll decode the mount
requests and give you the exact messages and error codes being

'snoop' on the opensolaris box would get you to the same end result,
but it's more scripted/command line, as opposed to a GUI application.

Eric D. Mudama

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