The '<' isn't a problem: it's an SMB wildcard (equivalent to '*').

Looking at the mixed and upper case names being used by MATLAB,
I suspect this is probably:

6939430 queryfileinfo should only use vnodetopath for directory nodes

If that's the case, the problem is actually due to negative entries
being cached in the Solaris DNLC - because it's not case insensitive.
We added a workaround in snv_138, which I don't think is available
as a binary update.


On 07/ 2/10 11:07 AM, Afshin Salek wrote:
If you provide the full *binary* snoop output, it'd be more useful.


On 07/ 2/10 08:56 AM, Ryan John wrote:

I have a problem on a CIFS share, that I can only reproduce with MATLAB
running on Windows.

I know very little about MATLAB, so I can’t tell what it’s trying to do.

Running a MATLAB application that tries to load images from a folder
sometimes doesn’t load the images.

If I access the images first, by running Windows explorer in the
directory, or running `find` or touch –a, then MATLAB usually loads the

The only thing I can do is snoop the traffic, and I see, what appears to
me as strange, and wonder if it could be the problem.

Windows -> Solaris SMB C Code=0x32 Name=SMBtrans2 Findfirst
File=\MATLABdir\IMAGES\<.IMAG Error=0

Could the “<” be causing a problem?

I’m running snv_134

Needless to say, it works fine if the files are on a local filesystem or
Samba share.

I’m a bit baffled with this one.



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