I have been primarily administrating Windows AD environment and OpenSolaris 
CIFS is newer to me. I would appreciate your help in understanding how I can 
perform seamless CIFS integration on OpenSolaris.

On Windows, creating a network share is a straightforward process.

1. Create the share. Give it a name.
2. Specify access permissions for specific AD users or groups.

I cursorily went through CIFS administration guide. There is a lot to digest in 
that document:-(. However, from my limited understanding, permission management 
is a two-step process:
1. Create an OpenSolaris user for the corresponding AD user.
2. Set the permissions on the filesystem for the OpenSolaris user.

Creating/deleting OpenSolaris users to keep in sync with AD users seems very 
painful. Is there a way to bypass step 1 and just set the permissions using AD 
user/group identity?

Also, I would appreciate any links to "CIFS Administration for Dummies."

Thank you in advance for your help.

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