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On Windows, creating a network share is a straightforward process.

1. Create the share. Give it a name.
2. Specify access permissions for specific AD users or groups.
1. Create an OpenSolaris user for the corresponding AD user.

This is not necessary.

2. Set the permissions on the filesystem for the OpenSolaris user.

You can set permissions for the AD users or groups, as you do with

Creating/deleting OpenSolaris users to keep in sync with AD users seems very 
painful. Is there a way to bypass step 1 and just set the permissions using AD 
user/group identity?

There's no requirement to create local OpenSolaris users.

Also, I would appreciate any links to "CIFS Administration for Dummies."

Once you've created your zfs datasets, you can use Windows desktop
tools to manage shares and permissions.

These may help:


This entry may help with creating and sharing zfs datasets for use
with Windows (even if you don't care about offline files).


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