I have big trouble to start the idmap service by SMF.

The service runs normal over several days, but after a reboot of the system the 
service went into
maintenance mode.

The log says, that the daemon can't create the database /var/idmap/idmap.db.

Well, when i search for this error, i found older threads from 2008 about this 
behavior, and
they commend to disable the service, remove /var/idmap/idmap.db and 
and restart the idmap service.

But, that change nothing on my system.

When I run the idmapd manually with '/usr/lib/idmapd -d', the service runs 
Only when I try to start the service with SMF, then it fails.

This is the output from /var/svc/log/system-idmap\:default.log:

[ Mar 26 15:40:54 Enabled. ]
[ Mar 26 15:40:54 Executing start method ("/usr/lib/idmapd"). ]
debug/config = 1
debug/discovery = 1
Loading configuration.
change machine_sid=S-1-5-21-1616384715-857007953-2666771857
change unresolvable_sid_mapping=true
change use_lsa=true
change disable_cross_forest_trusts=true
change directory_based_mapping=name
change ad_unixuser_attr=unixUserName
change ad_unixgroup_attr=unixGroupName
change default_domain=contact.de
change domain_name=contact.de
Configuration changed
Initial configuration loadedLoading configuration.
Running discovery.
Error creating database /var/idmap/idmap.db (malformed database schema - unable 
to open
a temporary database file for storing temporary tables)
Failed to initialize db /var/idmap/idmap.db
unable to initialize mapping system
[ Mar 26 15:40:54 Method "start" exited with status 1. ]

When i look at the manually configured settings of the daemon, I can't see any 
eye-catching setting, that prevent the service to start.

svcprop -c -p config idmap

config/list_size_limit count 0
config/stability astring Unstable
config/value_authorization astring solaris.smf.value.idmap
config/ad_unixgroup_attr astring unixGroupName
config/ad_unixuser_attr astring unixUserName
config/machine_sid astring S-1-5-21-1616384715-857007953-2666771857
config/domain_name astring contact.de
config/directory_based_mapping astring name
config/default_domain astring contact.de

As I say before, when i run the service manually, it starts perfectly, and 
wrote nothing about 
malformed database schema to the output.

By now i have no ideas to motivate the idmap to run normally by SMF.

Do you have any ideas, why the daemon can't create the idmap Databases?

Thanks and regards,
Marc Steinlein

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