On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 4:28 AM, Marc Steinlein <m...@contact.de> wrote:
> The log says, that the daemon can't create the database /var/idmap/idmap.db.
> Well, when i search for this error, i found older threads from 2008 about 
> this behavior, and
> they commend to disable the service, remove /var/idmap/idmap.db and 
> /var/run/idmap/idmap.db
> and restart the idmap service.

Do not confuse /var/idmap/... with /var/run/idmap/...  The first is on
persistent storage, the other is on tmpfs.  In this case you say the
log mentions /var/idmap/idmap.db -- removing /var/run/idmap/idmap.db
isn't going to help.  See below.

> But, that change nothing on my system.


> When I run the idmapd manually with '/usr/lib/idmapd -d', the service runs 
> perfectly.
> Only when I try to start the service with SMF, then it fails.

That's clue number two, and a very good clue.

> This is the output from /var/svc/log/system-idmap\:default.log:
> [ Mar 26 15:40:54 Enabled. ]
> [ Mar 26 15:40:54 Executing start method ("/usr/lib/idmapd"). ]
> [...]
> Error creating database /var/idmap/idmap.db (malformed database schema - 
> unable to open
> a temporary database file for storing temporary tables)

This is clue number three.  This error comes from SQLite2, and it
indicates that the library was unable to create a temporary file in
that same directory (IIUC).  Note that the real problem is the
inability to create a file, not anything to do with the database
itself being corrupted -- the error seems a bit misleading.  Was
/var/idmap read-only at the time that the idmap service started?  What
build of Solaris are you running?

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