lll def check this out - Cheers - from a hardware perspective, pizza box 1RU 
servers work great, but we would also like a "smaller" option that we can send 
to various POPs for testing....has anyone got suggestions ?  I doubt the 
raspberry pi range would have the grunt to push 1G (or more?)...I maybe wrong 
though? perhaps one of the forks?


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I'm not sure how stuck on Layer3 protocols you are, but this 
https://github.com/jwbensley/Etherate is a nice Layer2 testing tool.

GitHub - jwbensley/Etherate: Linux CLI Ethernet and MPLS 
Etherate - Linux CLI Ethernet and MPLS Testing Tool


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Hi everyone,

Looking for an alternative to IPerf for link testing - Having some 
"reliability" concerns with IPerf results (Primarily with simultaneous data 
transfers) - Any recommendations are greatly appreciated (10G capabilities 
would be fantastic, but not 100% necessary) - Has anyone used/tried Ostinato ? 
Primarily after a tool that can provide load testing results (simultaneous 
bidirectional, one direction, and UDP/TCP are primary requirements...Happy to 
look at a commercial product/appliance if it ticks all the boxes, but not 
wanting to spend a fortune :)

Thanks in advance
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