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Gert Doering wrote on 23/2/2018 9:34 πμ:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:48:05PM +0200, Tassos Chatzithomaoglou wrote:
>> Lately we revisited the topic, opened a case and TAC informed us about bug 
>> CSCuy92828, where it's clearly written that hw switched IPv6 traffic isn't 
>> returned by SNMP (that explains the wrong counters). Bug is still open (as 
>> enhancement but with a very low number of support cases), so it gives us  
>> hope that it's not an hw limitation of N77k, but rather a sw one.
> Is N77k using the same EARL as Sup720?  In that case, you're lost - it's
> a hardware limitation that cannot be fixed or workarounded, the chip is
> counting IPv6 transit traffic on the IPv4 counters.
> (I ran into this on Sup720 systems, and that's what came back from TAC)
> If it's a different forwarding engine, no idea...
> gert

Although not 100% sure, i believe SUP2E is using EARL8 like SUP2T.
On the other hand, F3 cards use a SoC design, so i don't know if there
are any relevant differences with M3 (also using EARL8).


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