Any elements that you are going to pre-stage that are a part of the dial plan 
(translations, route patterns, DNs, transformations ...etc) wilk all need to be 
isolated from your currently migrated phones.

So the DNs on your device profiles would likely need to be in an isolated 
partition, but the device profile itself probably doesn't need to be in an  
isolated device pool.

If you do this, remember to use a CLLI or some unique descriptor in the 
description field of all your pre-staged elements, it will make it very easy 
for BAT to find things later on.



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From: 秀王 <>
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Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] Migration strategy

>Hi Ryan,
>let's say my phones are on a temp partition not reachable by other CSS. My
>UDP (user device profile) are on a valid partition shared by others ( Ie.
>P_Internal) but they are not logged in anywhere.
>Will this confused the CUCM? Or i shall place the UDP on temp partition as
>well. If so, can BAT assist me in migrating from TEMP partition to actual
>partition (P_Internal)?
>Ki Wi
>On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Ryan Huff <> wrote:
>> I'm not, sure I completely understand your questions but I'll attempt to
>> answer based on my understanding.
>> Yes, you can pre-config devices and users in CCM prior to migration. If
>> they are Cisco IP phones, you'll need the MAC address and model of the
>> phone at a minimum.
>> If they are non Cisco IP phones, you'll need to pre configure 3rd party
>> sip devices (which is a different license requirement than a Cisco IP
>> phone).
>> Place the preconfigured dial plan that isnt migrated yet (on CCM), in a
>> temp. partition that the already migrated phones cannot access. As you
>> migrate, change that partition using BAT, to the correct partition for the
>> portion of phones you migrated.
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan
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>> From: 秀王 <>
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>> To:
>> Subject: [cisco-voip] Migration strategy
>> Currently the client have avaya and cisco linked together using SIP.
>> Cisco UCM cluster have users in the production environment.
>> I'm are going to cutover more sites from avaya to cisco. Is it possible to
>> preconfigure the users, extension number (let's say 87XXX range), phones
>> and the user device profiles in advance?
>> I'm thinking that if I preconfigure those information, the cucm will think
>> that those extension number (87XXX) are local and unregistered.
>> Is there a way to make CUCM thinks that in order to reach 87XXX range, it
>> will still reach out to Avaya using the SIP trunk? Is there any setting in
>> the route pattern can do that?
>> I thinking that CUCM will always find a more "exact" match locally instead
>> of through other source like translation pattern or route pattern.
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