For the money (free) and usability; yeah, I’d go with Paul’s TranslatorX. 
Especially if your troubleshooting call behaviors because of its ability to 
organize by session ID and parse out OPTIONS messages.

- Geany text editor does a good job because of its ability to highlight similar 
entities (Linux, not sure if there is a Windows port).

- Notepad++ if I’m on an island and that’s all I have.

Really though, anything that can parse the
character will work in a pinch but you’ll have to deal with the default 
chronologically logged readout. Whereas something like TranslatorX has more 
purposeful filters that allow you to follow the call’s message stack a little 


On May 17, 2018, at 09:17, Lelio Fulgenzi 
<<>> wrote:

I need to do some log analysis to see why a certain group of fax machines are 
getting reorder tone when trying to dial a number. I’ve got some other 
troubleshooting steps to do first, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to 
take a look.

Is it translator X still?

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