Nothing in Kremberg corresponds to this tuning.

On Sep 27, 2008, at 12:40 AM, Andrew Rutherford wrote:

Hello citternophiles,

There is a book of "chorales" in tablature from c.1750 in the Moravian
Archives in Bethlehem PA, that may be for cittern.  The tuning is
GCEGBE.  Is that right for that time?  Most of the Moravians came from
Germany and spoke German.  And there is documentation that they used
the cittern in their worship.

There is also a lute-shaped, possibly wire-strung 6-course instrument
in the Moravian Hist. Soc. in Nazareth,PA (10 miles away)dating from
the same time that may be related.  I will put pictures of it on the
[1] site in a few days.

Are there other books of tablature for cittern from that time?

Can't wait to get some responses,  andy rutherford




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